Ultimate Retaliation


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Retaliate so you may express yourself freely, Retaliate because your body and mind cannot be contained within the rigid framework of a well organized corporate environment, Retaliate because you live only once, money matters and there is another way to personal fulfillment. Retaliate because no one should tell you how much you can earn, when you can take a vacation and how much you matter to the rest of the world. Ultimate Retaliation isn't a socialist philosophy, it is an attempt by the worker bee to prove to himself and to the world that he can create, he can be unique and he will find a way out.


released December 28, 2012

Written, Composed and Mixed by MALFNKTION
Collaborators: Shruti, 12Past6, Raghu, Bipin Rao
Album Artwork: Steph Cozza
Mastering: Nate Campisi



all rights reserved


MALFNKTION Mumbai, India

Production Junkie

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Track Name: Incident at Noble Corp.
Stalled the engine in the basement, hail non-conformism, it all changed when extreme techniques became my language of speech, it's hard to forget her,
As I set the timer, mistake this not to be a tale of personal vendetta,
Grab my coat; embark through vile methods, to show homage, I pocket the remote,
Its "on" now, parked a foot from the supporting beam which breathes life into this machine,
Sickened by programs written, for the brain through pipes connected to the chairs, where they be sitting, robots, but what's happening underneath they know not,
With half a ton of explosives, at 11 o' clock pm I walk, liberated from slavery,
Developed, as they claim to be, they replaced chains with paychecks and a life, Falsely promoted in untainted minds as the only means to live in a world they created,
I get to security, though given away by perspiration in winter, I make up by producing identification, one step closer, top floor, executive chamber,
Let's see about building a mall motherf***ers after rubble and vapor,

To the end of space...in beams of light, I fly,
When I gaze back,
You just feel the same like the rest of my day,
It's a flash of plastic...It's a flash of plastic...It's a flash of plastic,
While I'm swimming in the skies, metal's scraping down the side,
From behind glass walls, they're watching me

I get past the elevator, there's no escape, what can you chase when my remote obliterates the ground that you hold, sick of this sinister occupation,
10 years and a degree later, I majored in a corporate malady which is the reason why this girl don't breathe, I jump inside, hands shaking, failing to be stealthy,
I'm taking y'all with me deep to the filthy dirt so as to remind you of murder,
In front of that, what's the value of profits and mergers?
I press 24, look at my watch, 7 minutes to detonation, my nervous system is in a frenzy, even though the building is almost empty, let me
Fall with the rest, for who escapes the wages of sin, to the coldest of places, I remember when I first gave her the notice,
An agent for real estate development, I understand you're financially insecure but Noble Corp. procured your plot of land, these are government orders,
You must vacate, in a month, here's an insufficient amount to placate the situation, with best regards, a multinational organization.
I lose my thoughts at floor 15, cause in walks a worker bee, I tell her,
Go home! Forces unknown, possess you for which they shall be blown...
She thinks I'm crazy, probably the right discernment, but I'm setting you free by giving these executives what they deserve,
Curse those who reduce your existence to perquisites and promotions!
The veil makes you devote your time to superiors who decide when you take vacations?
I ask her, she starts screaming, breathing heavily, I jam the lift at 20, grab her before she bolts and tell her...
"Spread the word to all present, to leave the premises if their life is something they cherish."


4 minutes to annihilation, she darts out hysterical; I must hurry to the tallests before the death vehicle,
Claustrophobic, in this lift alone, I'm sorry, an accomplice of suicide enters finally,
The office of the king pins, I hear panic below, the secretary tells me
"They're in a conference conspiring again..."
Outside, I hear police sirens, I charge in, slam the door open, most of 'em get startled
"Who are you?"
"Sir I'm just a subordinate, who has happened to send your fiscal growth plummeting through vertical coordinates."
They are baffled, looking humiliated in front of their investors, a poor girl strangled her self for the sake of your f***in' shopping center,
"How can you fire me?" I retort when the universe banished us all,
When power is wielded for what you earn, forgetting social concerns,
Burning in rage, security bursts in and grabs me...shouting "It's gonna blow!"
10 seconds to history made defying the order erected, those elected failed to protect us from the corporate hand that had them selected.
I see fear, they tremble becoming human after years of feasting with devil, let the dust settle.
Close your eyelids and wait for the silence.,.

Track Name: Stop Mechanization
I plummet without a meaning, so I vibe, with the comets,
As I stray across the cosmic, your world revolves in orbits,
I malfunction, when I'm defined, so you can draw the line
While I sniff it, what's your character worth without its glitches,
And mutations, I'm erasin', your craving for the mellow,
All the shit you learnt in school, got you fooled like Othello,
My verbal dosage leaves your face frozen, now I'm chosen,
To lift you, above the haze to see experience beyond the frame,
The brain drain is in the present, a loss of essence, resin building
In my body since the age of adolescence,
I race to extremes, to make the craft supreme,
The ganja keeps my flow rough and dirty like my jeans..
Now I walk across the street feelin' filthy,
The lack of mass appeal got my mask peeling, ain't no personnel,
To grab what's personal so now I'm chillin', but not for too long,
Cause you got to pay the bills man, "you gotta pay the bills",
But I ain't prepared to place the bank before my skills,
I grab the quill and a pipe to fill, the function of my lab,
Is to experiment and not to be trendy,
When humanoids became a frenzy, program limitations,
Caused the mind to retaliate ultimately,
Watch your propaganda dissolve in this medley,
Pathogenic menaces rise from H town this shit is deadly,


It's just too real...
I see the signs...
I can tell myself apart but there is something inside,
That lives beyond what I believe,
This world beneath my iron feet, it's saying..

"Stop mechanizing! Stop mechanizing! Stop mechanizing!"

Verse 2

sin wave mind games,
real estate in my brain's
been sold for half the price on rebate,
chemical balances phase addictions,
facing intuition has me candy flipping,
sinning and ganges dipping,
I go through my maze insomniac at first light,
wake and bake,
spit trials on the mic,
another ego dies in violence,
truth crossing psychological science,
challenges and barriers of intellectual silence,
socrates' cave allegory's all you see,
my brain waves' have changed frequency,
i've lost my greed and need for weed,
i smoke and meditate with my demons,
trying to sleep,
aprreciate hate its trained my sanity,
defied my desire, for success in a world of scales of liars,
is a slugfest, in mirrors, bloodshed, of guest appearances,
psycological clearances over materialists,
budget leakages, private jets need defense, free markets, raised credit, mortgages, armed forces, street poets, leading protests across continents,

Verse 3

Props to all those who be rockin' this, I'm dropping kicks,
And causing shit, to come up through your esophagus so stop!
And restart, now reverse, with U-turns what you learnt,
The fundamental, is where I settle,
For I was created in the CERN, with the intent to watch me burn,
So now I squirm away from magnets, in a plastic bubble,
With a straight jacket...I travel in waves,
But I also communicate in packets,
I come in flashes,
In the future, will truth be erased with memory lapses?
I treat your intentions, like dirty flies,
I don't wait for you to attack before I smack ya,
So keep that face straight, or break your chain,
I drive your traits, to extinction, eugenics I have in mind,
Disposes relics since that solid fuel I use to propel me,
With my tunes, I fuse...science with some strumming;
Got your history tumbling-